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Dec 10 , 2013 54Share

A couple of quick WIPs to prove I’m still here. Sorry for the quiet, everyone, just getting ready for final projects and so on.

These are the beginnings of the color versions of my PoC and alternate takes on Cecil of Welcome to Night Vale fame. I took a lot of the criticism and headcanons that I had heard from other fans, and tossed a few together for each to create a few different takes on him. 

This is one of my first times drawing tattoos, I hope they look alright. Lemme know what you think!

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    ^ if I was included in that, ty mate I feel like the bottom one is closer to my envisioning of Cecil. But having him as...
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    Haha, I would love that! Evil goateed Steve Carrlsberrg. Draw that please! :D It also reminds me of “Evil Troy and Evil...
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    You know, I have one friend who may appreciate this. :)
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    Thanks! And yeah, wearing purple or an eye motif is my consistent thing for my Cecils, regardless of interpretation. If...
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    Thanks! I have a weakness for chubby cheeks, long hair, and old/snarky guys, so I wanted a chance to play around with...
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    I can’t decide which of these takes on Cecil I prefer. I think I love them equally. I mean, the first is absolutely...
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